Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

I Used Hand Soap For Lube I need Some Help im Scarred....?

Hi Im 13 years old and I usually masterbated dry and im new to using liquids and i used soap and now my penis is dry and feels weird...Is this Perminant and will it do more??

Plz Serious and Factual QuestionsI Used Hand Soap For Lube I need Some Help im Scarred....?
Switch over to vaseline, the soap just irritated the skin...I Used Hand Soap For Lube I need Some Help im Scarred....?
let it take its course and it will end up fine after that

its the same way if u dont use soap and rube to hard to rip the skin
Soap isn't intended to be used as lube on your penis. It will make your penis dry and feel weird if you use it too much. Just stop using soap as lube and your penis should return to normal in a few days. Just use soap as soap, like it was intended. If you want lube, try using saliva, hand lotion, or personal lubes you can buy instead.
little dude, use olive oil or handcream. babt oil works well too

you will recover if you rub oil in and youll have fun doing it.
i normally go dry as well.. less messy afterwards...

yes the soap u used propably isnt the best (soap though generally isnt)

no it will go away shortly and will b fine dont fret your wee head...

in future i reakomend ur own spit... sounds nasty but hey is that how a girl lubes u in a *******?
Don't use soap !! gah lol. Use sensitive skin lotion or stuff like that ex: Johnsons dove lubriderm stuff like that. Don't use soap please lol
well, go to a doctor tell him how can u hydrated it. Soap is not a lube, although it's sth everyone has.
No I don't think it is permanent.

The soap you used was probably a harsh one and not good for rubbing

Perhaps put a little moisturiser or handcream on to get rid of the dryness and it should improve straight away
Jack R.... Apply a good hand lotion to your penis everyday like Lubriderm, and let it soak in. The stop using soap as it will dry the penis. Use a good lubricant like KY jelly, or gel. Baby oil, or Vasoline. Keep it well lubricated when you practice masturbation son, remember treat your penis right and it will treat you right. Your young and you will be fine. You still have a lot of maturing to do. remember you can buy lubrication at any age son. Even vitamine E lotion would be good. Just keep it lubed as I stated.Good luck!
Soap wasnt intened for that use, it kills all kinds of cells and just dont do it again it will hurt.
Soap wasn't intended to be used as a lubricant. It's for washing hands.
Axe bodywash is pretty good :)
maybe best to use lotion. :)